New discovery shows human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA

Cells contain machinery that duplicates DNA into a new set that goes into a newly formed cell. That same class of machines, called polymerases, also build RNA messages, which are like notes copied from the central DNA repository of recipes, so they can be read more efficiently into proteins. But polymerases were thought to only work in one direction DNA into DNA or RNA. This prevents RNA messages from being rewritten back into the master recipe book of genomic DNA. Now, Thomas Jefferson University researchers provide the first evidence that RNA segments can be written back into DNA, which potentially challenges the central dogma in biology and could have wide implications affecting many fields of biology.

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Cells Reprogrammed to Make Synthetic Polymers; Also Making Them Resistant to Viruses

Scientists have developed the first cells that can construct artificial polymers from building blocks that are not found in nature, by following instructions the researchers encoded in their genes. The study also found the synthetic genome made the bacteria entirely resistant to infection by viruses.

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Event Postponement

Due to the growing concerns regarding the spread of the #COVID19 virus and keeping in mind the health and safety of the public, we have postponed the upcoming “Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering #ECBB2020” during November 16-18, 2020 at Rome, Italy.

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Gene expression analysis simultaneously compares the RNA expression levels of multiple genes profiling and multiple samples screening. This analysis can help scientists identify the molecular basis of phenotypic differences and to select gene expression targets for in-depth study.

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Therapeutic antibodies, specifically monoclonal antibodies, can activate, repress, or alter endogenous immune responses to specific cells or molecules. Antibody-based drugs are revolutionizing the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, and many other types of disease.

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Structural Bioinformatics

Structural bioinformatics is the branch of bioinformatics which is related to the analysis and prediction of the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules such as proteins, RNA, and DNA. 

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