Hurry up! Speaker and Poster presentation slots are getting filled.

Biomedical Engineering, is a multidisciplinary STEM field that combines biology and engineering, applying engineering principles & materials to medicine & healthcare.

life-saving concepts includes:

-> Surgical robots

-> Advanced prosthetics

-> New pharmaceutical drugs

-> Kidney dialysis

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ECBB Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year during this joyful season.

@BioCongress wishing all happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year. Merry #Christmas and Happy New Year!
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#Oral and #Poster slots are available @ECBB 2020 | Rome

Hurry up to submit your recent innovations in #Biotechnology & #Bioengineering as #oral and #poster presentations at ECBB 2020 Rome Conference.

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Sheikh Imamul Hossain talk on Molecular Dynamics Study @ECBB 2020 | Rome

Adorable talk of Sheikh Imamul Hossain @Euro-Global Conference on #Biotechnology and #Bioengineering during June 18-20, 2020 @Rome Italy.

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Don’t Miss Carla CCR de Carvalho charismatic speech at ECBB 2020 | Rome

Carla CCR de Carvalho charismatic speech on “Using Rhodococcus adaptive mechanisms to improve bioprocesses” @ECBB #Rome #Italy during June 18-20, 2020.

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Meet Speaker Wael Ahmed Ismail Elmoslimany @ECBB 2020 | Rome

Get an extensive view about #Biotechnology and #Bioengineering by attending @BioCongress along with global experts sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Don’t miss the chance to meet #Speaker Wael Ahmed Ismail Elmoslimany @ECBB 2020 Rome, Italy.

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Dr. Santoro Massimo Presentation on methylation assessment in human disease

Dr. Santoro Massimo will be discussing the topic “Methylation-sensitive high resolution melting (MS-HRM): A sensitive and specific method for methylation assessment in human disease” @BioCongress #Rome

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